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Community Standards

We encourage parents and students to read the Tropicana Handbook before they move in. This information covers our policies, such as drinking and smoking on property, quiet hours, our guest policy, as well as other valuable community information. 

The link to the handbook is located on the Community Standards page:

COVID Policy Changes

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Tropicana has made changes to our policies in efforts to reduce risk of exposure for our students and staff. These changes are enumerated in the document linked below.

Room Condition Report and Security Deposit

By definition, a security deposit is money paid in advance of a transaction to protect the landlord against damage or non-payment. The $350 payment at the beginning of the year is refunded, less a $50 cleaning fee, if the room and its contents are in the exact condition as when the resident moved in. A Room Condition Report (RCR) is completed at the beginning of the year by our staff. Each resident, upon move-in, may document any damages in the room prior to moving in on the RCR. The amount refunded from the security deposit depends on the extent of damages caused throughout the year. Damage in any location of the suite is divided by the amount of residents that live in the suite. This is referred to in university environments as “community damage billing.” For example, in a 6-person suite, damage in the living room (a common area for all 6 residents) is divided by six, while any damage in the double bedroom is divided by 2 (amongst the people that live in that bedroom). Unless a resident takes responsibility for any damages, each person in the suite is charged from their security deposit for damages.

Packages and Mail

Everyone loves getting mail! We process thousands of packages and letter mail every year at our front desk!

The resident mailboxes are in the lobby, next to the office. When having mail and packages delivered  to you please do so in the following manner: 


(Your Name)

Suite # (Your Suite Number)

Tropicana Gardens

6585 El Colegio Road

Isla Vista, CA 93117


There is a mailbox for outgoing mail located in the lobby. Ask a Customer Service Representative to show you. Mail is picked up and delivered all throughout the day and will be processed as they arrive. Please be patient with our front desk personnel while they are processing your mail and packages. We sort mail and place it in the proper mailbox for each of our residents. 

Packages are held for residents behind the front desk and require identification and a signature for pick up. 


If you are interested in a reserved parking space, you will need to complete and return the
Parking Application form your MyTropAccount, or email If you are interested in a parking permit, you may
purchase it at the front desk at any time throughout the year. Please know that the parking
permits are non-refundable or transferable.

Cars will be towed that do not have the correct permit displayed in the designated location
(bottom left of front windshield) or are not parked in their designated
spot. Thomas Towing Company patrols the parking lot, (805) 964-0989.


There is plenty of bike parking at Tropicana Gardens. Please register your bike at the front desk. 

Cafe Overview

All meal plans are now carry-out. Students can place orders online and can retrieve their order from the appropriate cafeteria. Each order of a single entrée, up to two sides, and a beverage is considered one meal use, which will be deducted from a student’s weekly meal allowance.

Meals will be served in reusable “to-go” containers. Please return your used containers each time you pick up a new meal. 

We work hard to accommodate a wide variety of tastes and needs. It is best to alert our management staff if you have any special dietary needs or if you would like to provide feedback or suggestions. Please email Gabriel Trejo, our cafe Manager, at

Internet Overview

There is both wireless and ethernet connection in each suite. 

If you have any internet issues, we want to hear about them! We have worked hard with our Internet Management Provider, Pavlov Media, to enhance the quality and strength of our wireless networks over the past year, and if there are any issues, don’t hesitate to let us know immediately so we can investigate and resolve them quickly!

The first step you can take is to verify that you are connected to the PavlovMedia wireless network, and make sure your wireless card is turned on.

If you have internet but it is slow you can go to and submit an Internet Issue to our technology department. They will investigate the issue and get back to you as quickly as they can with an update or solution.

Alternatively, if you don’t have internet, or prefer not to go to the website above, you can always call our front desk or speak with your RA, and we would be happy to submit the Internet Issue for you, so our technology department can begin investigating.

Additionally, you are welcome to call Pavlov Media’s tech support line and have them help you troubleshoot issues. You can call their 24/7 phone number at 1 (888) 4-PAVLOV, or 1 (888) 472-8568. If you decide to call the Pavlov Tech Support line, you can also inform our technology department at, so we can help follow up with Pavlov and you. If you choose to call Pavlov, it is important for you to call them as it is happening because they may ask you for specific information about your computer and connection.

Payment Information

We take check, cash, and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit card payments in our office or through My Trop Account on our website (click on the Accounts tab, then select “Make A Payment” in the left column). Mail payments can be sent to our Tropicana Student Housing Business Office located in Tropicana Gardens at 6585 El Colegio Rd, Goleta, CA 93117. If you wish to make a contract payment with a credit card, you can do so in person at the front desk, or online.

Room Move Program

Tropicana offers a Room Move Program 3 times a year.

Contact Laura or Autumn for details on the program and how to sign up.


Tropicana still expects to provide housekeeping for students in a residence hall community (Tropicana Gardens and Tropicana Del Norte) two times per month. All students are required to vacate the suite during the housekeeping cleaning to maintain social distancing guidelines. If any student refuses to vacate the suite, housekeeping will skip that suite until the next scheduled bi-monthly cleaning. Students will be given notice prior to the cleaning


We have staff that takes care of any maintenance problems residents may have, from a broken window to a faulty toilet. Just come down to the front desk and fill out a Maintenance Request. If the issue is an after-hours emergency, please contact the RA Duty cell phone at (805) 280-1653.

When maintenance is required or requested, students will be required to vacate the suite. Certain circumstances, determined by the maintenance personnel, may permit the presence of students in areas other than the immediate area of work. 


Our plumbing system is not equipped to handle anything except water, toilet paper, and human waste. Do not put items (i.e. garbage, food, dirt, potting soil, personal cleansing wipes, feminine hygiene products-including tampons) down your sink, shower or toilet. Do not rinse sand down the drains. Please be sure to clear the drains of hair or any other material that might cause clogging. Report clogged toilets, and clogged or slow-running showers or sinks to the front desk immediately. By following these guidelines, you will avoid charges to your account.

Our Administrative Team

Our Administrative team is available to serve you! Visit Our Team page to learn more about who works here at Tropicana, along with contact information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Please visit our FAQs page, or feel free to contact us (see below). 

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