Your Tutors

Anjanette Aguilar 

Year: Junior

Subjects: English Writing and Comprehension

I tutor because having someone who could help me untangle my own ideas in my writing process inspires me to want the same for other students. My approach to tutoring is giving you the lead on what you’d like to work on, and how I can help you make the most of your time with me. Coming to Trop AIR tutoring you have a community student staff who want you to succeed and will continue to work with you in achieving that academic success.

Odalys Callejas

Year: Junior

Subjects: Earth Science, Spanish, Math, and research opportunities and communication with faculty.

I tutor because I like helping students identify their weaknesses, target their needs, and get a better understanding of the material they’re studying. It makes me happy to see students have that “aha” moment and I believe that it is a beautiful thing to see their improvement over time.

I prefer to use a visual or hands-on approach when tutoring. However, I do understand that every student is different, so I am always willing to accommodate to their learning style.

Residents should come to Trop AIR Tutoring because it gives an opportunity to create community and get guidance from other peers. We are happy to help students succeed!

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Sage Gunthner 

Year: Junior

Subjects: English, History, Religious Studies, Art History, Philosophy, Sociology 

I am tutoring because I believe academics are really important, that’s the reason we are all here! I think the residents should attend because since school is not in person, it can be more difficult to talk about your courses and what you are learning so by attending you will be getting the help you need!

Delaney O’Connor

Year: Senior

Subjects: History, Writing, Biology with emphasis on courses related to evolution/ecology/zoology 

I chose to tutor because I want to help others reach their full potential even in subjects they may find difficult. I also have found that tutors in the past have made a huge difference in how I approached certain subjects and topics and changed my entire understanding of a subject. My approach is to help provide a different look or approach to the subject, and be able to help provide a fresh outlook.

Naomi Pacheco

Year: Sophomore

Subjects: Beginning Spanish, Writing, History

I tutor because I understand the struggle of acclimating to college level classes, as well as taking classes that cover subjects that I am not familiar with. It can be difficult to understand what a teacher is asking of you sometimes which is why I would like to help other students navigate their way through these classes. There are things I have learned as a college student that I believe can help other students as well.

My approach to tutoring begins with asking the student what they understand in the course so far and what concepts they are struggling with. I begin with the basic concepts and help them understand them so that they have the tools to do better in the class overall. I also give tips on note-taking and writing that way the students know what they should be focusing on during the class.

Trop Air tutoring is an opportunity for residents to help themselves improve academically not only in their classes, but in their academic skills overall. Taking and actually understanding college classes can be difficult sometimes and there is no reason you should continue the struggle on your own. Sometimes a little extra help is needed, and it can never hurt!

David Wade

Year: Sophomore

Subjects: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Essay Writing

Hello my name is David a RA at Tropicana Gardens. Tutoring has always been a great interest of mine. Watching others learn from you and understand new concepts has always been a fulfilling experience of mine that I always enjoy. My usual approach with tutoring is to break down a problem step by step then reinforcing that process through solving similar problems. I believe that Residents should come to Trop AIR not only because they are struggling with academics but to also learn the many skills and advice that we can share.

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